Part 2: New Community Solar Power Systems

Oct 16, 2014

Community solar is a clean energy plan solution that combines both accessibility and financial sense to the average person or business, and two Xcel community solar power systems, each capable of generating 500 kilowatts of power, have recently opened in Denver.

Community solar expands the solar power market to customers who can’t put solar power panels on their own roofs. Businesses or individuals can lease or buy individual panels to offset the electricity they get from the grid. They then get a credit off their monthly utility bills for the power generated by the panels they’ve leased or purchased.

Under Xcel’s rules, customers of community solar power systems must live in the same county where the systems are located which means Denver customers can sign up for systems located in the city and county of Denver.

Individual subscribers can only buy up to 40 percent of a single community solar project, and the customer’s panels can’t generate more than 120 percent of the customer’s power usage over the previous 12 months.

Xcel pays customers about 7 cents per kilowatt for the power generated, a credit that reduces the customer’s monthly utility bill.

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