RTD Update

Nov 14, 2014

Parking is changing at five lots along the West rail line, the Regional Transportation District’s newest rail line.

RTD, which launched a pay-for-parking program in 2009, started charging for parking at five of the 11 stops along the West line, which runs from Golden to Denver Union Station.

The paid parking program covers 38 of its Park-n-Ride lots. The remaining 40 parking lots are free for all drivers. The program brings in about $1 million a year in revenue, although most of that money is reinvested in the system.

RTD charges $2 per day, after the first 24 hours, for cars registered within the mass transit agency’s district. The first 24 hours are free for cars registered at addresses within RTD boundaries.

Vehicles registered at addresses that are outside RTD’s district have a $4 per day fee.

The West line lots that RTD added to its existing parking program are the:

1. Decatur-Federal Station
2. Sheridan Station
3. Lakewood-Wadsworth Station
4. Oak Station
5. Federal Center Station

The program is intended to encourage drivers to spread out across the system.

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