Smart Home 101: 7 Cool Pieces of Technology That’ll Make Your Home Smarter

Jun 27, 2018

Does your home need a technology boost? The smart home concept isn’t just a thing we used to see in science fiction movies. New gadgets are popping up every day that are making lives easier and homes safer. Some of this technology can even save you money on energy bills and boost the overall value of your property.


Here are seven pieces of technology that stand out:


Smart Lock

Technology has made a lot of things outdated, including your house keys. This smart lock from Nest, for example, uses access codes instead of a key altogether.  This lets you grant unique codes to visitors, dog walkers, handymen, cleaning companies and more, so the days of handing out multiple keys or leaving a spare key under the mat are long gone. You’ll also be able to see exactly when they came and left your home, which gives you a better picture of who is in your home and when.


Light dimmer

We’ve all had the moment where we crawl into bed, only to realize we left the lights on downstairs. With smart light dimmers and controls, you can manage your lights straight from your home. Some technology even allows you to control your lights remotely, so you can turn off lights from the office and turn your lights on before you get home.


Interactive thermostat

Long gone are the days where your upstairs bedroom is always hot, while your basement is freezing. Interactive thermostats get to know your home and adjust the temperature in each room accordingly. You’ll also be able to control your thermostat straight from your phone. This means you can adjust it not matter where you are, and save money on energy costs.


Hazard sensors

Water leaks, mold or other hazards can pop up in your home quickly and do a lot of costly damage. Now there are hazard detectors that will alert you at the first signs of an emergency, so you can handle it before serious damage is done. This technology is ideal for those who travel a lot or own a vacation home.


Security cameras

Security is becoming a top priority for homeowners, so security cameras aren’t just for retail properties anymore. Residential security cameras from companies like nest are a great investment to help protect your family or keep an eye on your home while you’re on vacation. The Nest camera will communicate with your phone, so you’ll receive an alert when there’s activity around your home.


Smart appliances

Do you hate cooking? Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or not, there are new appliances popping up daily that make the process a lot easier. There’s a smart oven that will automatically detect what you put inside and cook it optimally. There’s also a coffee maker that you can start from an app on your phone. Tea kettles, crock pots and other gadgets have also popped up to make your kitchen the most tech-savvy room in your home.


Outdoor watering system

Water is becoming more and more scarce, especially in Colorado and other western states. In response, companies are thinking up new technology to help us be more efficient with our water usage. This smart watering system from SkyDrop, for example, checks in with the local weather forecast to assess your lawn’s water needs automatically.

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