South Lincoln Homes Redevelopment

Oct 28, 2012

The redevelopment of the South Lincoln Homes near the light-rail stop at West 10th Avenue and Osage Street marks the Denver Housing Authority’s first venture into the new West Corridor light rail line. DHA’s goals for this redevelopment include transforming the 18-acre site into a transit oriented development with the following benefits:

  1. An integration of planning, design, and operations that promote economic, environmental, and social vitality
  2. A promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  3. A combination of artistic and educational opportunities for the diverse mix of new and existing residents
  4. A spectrum of housing options
  5. Closeness to downtown including Denver Health, The Union Station, and the Auraria campus

Once completed in 2018, South Lincoln will feature 800-900 new residential units complimented with space for retail, office, and a variety of community services creating a long awaited for transit oriented community.


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