Spring Luxury Market Update

Jun 10, 2013

The spring of 2013 has delivered a real estate market primed for eager buyers. Homes with a price tag of more than $1 million sold at more than twice the rate they did a year ago.

These luxury homes were on the market an average of 120.7 days, down from the 133-day average in March and the 172.6-day average from April 2012.

Not only are the sales going faster, but also sellers received an average of 95.7 percent of their asking price, up from 92.6 percent average posted in April 2012.

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We are very grateful that the real estate market has to a large extent stabilized in the Denver metro region. Please check out our Gratitude Corner and be sure to engage in the conversation with us. At Alaris, we believe Gratitude is one of the major keys to bringing more fulfillment to our lives. The Alaris Gratitude Corner

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