The Bright Sides of Spring Snow

May 3, 2013

Spring has hit. For much of America, that means 80 degree temperatures, but for Colorado, it often means digging out from another snowstorm, followed by 80 degree temperatures, then back to snow again.

On the bright side, one good thing about spring snow is that it usually doesn’t stick around very long and it can be a real benefit. Try to think of it as a gift of free food and water for your lawn, perennials, trees, and shrubs. Just be sure to watch your tree so that the limb do not break from the weight of the snow.

Spring snow generally falls on unfrozen ground so it seeps slowly into the soil as it melts over time rather than running off quickly as water from a heavy rain can. Snow also adds some nutrients to the soil from compounds it picks up in the atmosphere as it falls to the earth

Other benefits of spring snowstorms are that they push back the beginning of snowmelt runoff, which can help counter hot, dry conditions in the summer.

Be encouraged! The flowers are beautiful, and summer is on the way.

Snowy weather

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