Third Quarter Update

Nov 23, 2015

Untitled design (6)According to RealtyTrac, sellers in Denver County in the third quarter sold their homes for an average price gain of 41.5 percent over what they originally paid.

Denver County is 6th in the country for highest percentage sales gains.

Nationally, homeowners who sold during the third quarter saw an average price gain of 17 percent from the purchase price of their property.

The average price of a home, including both detached single­family houses and condominiums, was $363,718 in October, 12.4 percent higher than in October 2014 when the average price was $323,714.

Active home listings increased by 6 percent year­over­year. October saw 7,156 active listings in 2015, compared with 6,748 last year.

Homes were on the market 16 percent fewer days on average. Homes stayed on the market 31 days in October, compared with 37 days last year.

From September to October, average home prices increased 2.6 percent as the seasonal slowdown that occurs during winter months continued.

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