The Tiny Home Revolution: Pros and Cons

Dec 22, 2017

Tiny Home-Revolution-pros-cons


By now, we all know the fad — with all the television shows on the airwaves, “tiny homes” are a household name, and lately, the popularity of these little abodes only seems to be growing. But is it just a trend, or an innovative new lifestyle you should be taking advantage of? Tiny living certainly isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to weigh the benefits before making the change. Check out our list of pros and cons to decide if buying — or building — a tiny home in Colorado is right for you.




One of the biggest appeals of owning a tiny home is the cost. With an average price tag of about $30,000, your investment will be much lower than the typical family home. Plus, at that low cost, you won’t be saddled with the heavy debt that a high mortgage creates.



For those who wander, there are few options better than owning a tiny home. Having a home on wheels allows you to just pick up and go whenever you feel like it. It’s a living situation that can be perfect for people who work from home, who are retired or who’ve simply been bitten by the travel bug.



Let’s face it — most of us just have too much stuff. Moving into a tiny home will force you to let go of what you don’t need and truly live a minimalist lifestyle. It will be easy on your wallet, too, because you won’t have the room to buy things you really don’t need, and that means less consumption that can be harmful to the environment.



Legal Issues

Because of fire codes, zoning regulations and permit hurdles, living in a tiny home can be a bit of a legal challenge. In most of Colorado, cities don’t yet have specific codes and zoning rules in place for tiny houses, and it may take some time for the legal world to catch up to the tiny home momentum.


Space (Obviously)

Even on the high end of square footage, tiny homes are… well, tiny. If you’re even considering a tiny home, you know that, but it can be surprising what a difference downsizing can make. The space you have will be used for multiple purposes — get used to having your washing machine in your kitchen and your bed in your living room — and there won’t be room to retreat to your own office or bedroom when you’re in need of personal space.



While some aspects of living in a tiny home seem to make life easier, you’ll have to make adjustments that take some extra work. For example, things you once took for granted like running water, taking out the trash and getting rid of human waste now become a lot more complicated.


So…Is a Tiny Home For You?

Do you feel like making the leap to downsize and make a tiny home your luxury retreat? Colorado has some of the best tiny home builders in the country. From over-the-top luxury to quaint and simplistic, the following companies can meet all of your tiny home building needs:

Einstyne Tiny Homes: 

This company specializes only in custom tiny home shells. They use the most durable materials and save you money with their airtight construction methods and laser straight walls, making it easy for you to finish your new home with your very own personal touch.

Collaborate Concepts LLC:

This veteran family owned and operated company is all about creativity. Bring them any idea of your custom tiny home and they will be able to bring it to life – from their 3D concept drawings to the finished product.

ECK Architecture:

This company has a long-standing tradition of homebuilding and strives to bring the customer’s vision to life. From a simple shell to a fully fitted and designed home, they are able to do it all.


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