TOD Clear Creek Transit Village

Dec 3, 2012

The TOD Group, a New Orleans-based company, is in discussion with national builders to construct up to 1,125 apartments, town homes and condos on a 21 acre development just north of Denver.

This TOD will stand out both regionally and nationally because of the abundance of natural amenities surrounding the site. An integrated landscape will ensure that the development and its natural surroundings exist in harmony. The Clear Creek Transit Village, the name of the TOD, will also facilitate and maximize public access to Clear Creek, Federal Station and the Clear Creek pedestrian and bicycle trail that connects to an 80 mile regional trail system.

Clear Creek:

The Clear Creek Trail is 19-miles long and links up with Denver’s 80-mile urban trail system. Biking, walking, kayaking, and bird-watching are some of the many benefits Clear Creek has to offer.

Lake Sangreco:

Lake Sangreco provides the western and northern side of the Clear Creek Transit Village with photographic views of the waterfront in front of the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Jim Baker Reservoir:

The Jim Baker Reservoir is a 5-minute walk from the site and provides public access for recreation and fishing. The reservoir is stocked annually with thousands of fish of different species

Because of its location along Clear Creek and its proximity to Lake Sangreco and the Jim Baker Reservoir, it is being marketed as “Wild Colorado Five Minutes from Downtown Denver.”

“The Clear Creek Transit Village will offer the best of both worlds, with a combination of urban and natural amenities,” said John Renne, managing director of The TOD Group, “It will have a mix of restaurants, retailers, apartments and condos, emphasizing both walkability and access to public transit.”
The community will be seven minutes, or 3.5 miles from downtown Denver by rail when the Gold Line opens in 2016.
“We’re confident that the Clear Creek Transit Village will be a great fit for new residents and the existing neighborhoods in the area,” Renne said. “We met repeatedly with neighbors and listened to their input, which is reflected in the plan. The vast majority of them became strong supporters of the approved plan.”
New buildings on the site are expected to have a construction value of between $160 million to $170 million by 2020, according to an analysis completed for Adams County.
The analysis, by Economic Strategies LLC of Parker, also estimated 1,970 to 2,812 people will eventually live in the community.
“The Clear Creek Transit is an excellent example of current TOD planning and design that will benefit Adams County, improve property values in an underperforming area, and provide a nexus of smart planned growth for the region as part of the RTD Gold Line,” according to the analysis.

Overall this transit is being solicited as a model for transit-oriented developments nationwide.

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