Why You Should Use a Drone to Sell Your Home

Jan 2, 2017

Using a drone is one of the most recent technological trends in marketing a house. In order to sell, you want to take advantage of everything at your disposal in order to get the largest offer. Using a drone gives the user access to angles and perspectives that are otherwise unavailable with a digital camera. Here are the top five reasons to put down the camera and start flying a drone over your next listing.

drone shot

  1.   Long, steady shots

droneWhen it comes to marketing a house, transparency is key. The buyer wants to know everything t
hat you know before signing on the dotted line. What better way to give them what they want than with a sample video of your listing? Drones with gimbals keep the camera eye steady as the machine flies over the property.

  1.   Drama

Sometimes the sale has nothing to do with the physical house. Some buyers get captivated by a feeling they get in a room or in a picture which sways their decision to buy. With a drone, you can up the drama factor with landscape shots and seamless fly-arounds of gorgeous home exteriors and interiors.

  1.   Virtual tours

drone viewVirtual tours are becoming the new open house. A camera drone can literally fly into a home through the front door, and travel throughout every room, creating a far more natural virtual tour than station-based photography can. Combined with a professional voice-over soundtrack, virtual tours can become beautiful visual stories, rich with information and history.

  1.   Highlight specific, sellable features

Say your property is on a cliff face, how would you get a picture of it without a drone? Landscaping, pools, walking paths and back yards are important to many buyers. So are nearby parks and schools. Aerial photos and video bring these advantages to life.

  1.   Out-market the competition

This is important for both the seasoned pro and the do-it-yourself home seller. It’s a well-known fact that listings that look better and provide more information sell better. Using drone videos and photos to market your properties shows prospective sellers that you take advantage of every opportunity to make their property look awesome – and to stand out.

The visual images of camera drones have greatly impacted the way all homes, especially luxury ones, are sold in today’s market. Whether it’s to highlight the waterfront view, a gorgeous garden, or a really cool swimming pool, aerial drone photography captures the beauty and the utility of a home far better than ground-based photography or video can.

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