Virtual Staging

May 25, 2011

For simplicity’s sake, I like to split listed properties into two categories: inhabited and uninhabited.  Both need some degree of staging to enhance their potential.  For inhabited properties, staging usually means sending items to storage, touchups, and a constant state of cleaning up.  Uninhabited properties call for staging that shows vitality and possibility by way of adding furnishings, window dressings, and updating paint.  Whichever category a property falls into, staging takes time, energy, and money.  There is another option available today — virtual staging.

With 90% of homebuyers using the Internet to search for homes, according the National Association of Realtors®, it makes sense to put as many photos as possible online. Many buyers want to see photos on the website before they commit to a showing.  For sellers, this is the perfect opportunity to let the home’s décor possibilities shine without much effort. Virtual staging uses computer technology to boost a home’s appeal.  Simply send in a digital photo and a day or two later, you will have your own virtual open house. It’s cheaper than renting furnishings and accessories for empty houses and allows buyers to gauge the size of a room online.  Additionally, potential buyers can play with color and texture interactively changing the rooms as they like.

In lieu of hauling heavy furniture in and out, repainting walls, and renting updated furnishings and appliances, home sellers find themselves leaning towards virtual staging.  Transparency is important; therefore, all amped photos are clearly labeled and may be placed with a photo of the empty room for comparison.

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