We’re Grateful for Jon’s Attention to Detail

Oct 28, 2013

Landis Gratitude Corner

My husband and I were first time home buyers, naive as they come. We took the word-of-mouth referral from a co-worker who had worked with Jon Terry in the past. We researched hundreds and hundreds of properties and Jon guided our search, helping us pinpoint the features and locations we were looking for. Throughout the buying process, Jon was professional and detailed.

Once we found the home we wanted, Jon educated us each step of the way – through bidding, contracts, and negotiating explaining all of the verbiage that isn’t necessarily in “layman’s terms”. Jon was helpful in reminding us of approaching deadlines within the contract.

At the closing, Jon was on a roll! The selling agent was late and came into the meeting room in a fury making outrageous claims that we had breached the contract. While my husband and I were starting to worry that we were going to lose the house, Jon stayed calm and pointed out facts, bringing everyone in the room at ease.

Once the tension faded, the paperwork began. It was a flurry of papers flying across the table from person to person. But somehow in the midst the madness, Jon found several errors and typos in the Title Company documents (documents they’ve been using for months).  We could tell that the sellers were jealous of the expertise and professionalism that Jon brought to the room.

Jon’s breadth of knowledge, attention to detail, and discerning eye never ceased to impress us. Once my husband and I begin to outgrow our current house and start looking for another, we wouldn’t think of using anyone else but Jon Terry.

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