Where Colorado Leads, the Nation Follows

May 20, 2014

Conservation Colorado Executive Director Pete Maysmith recently released a statement headlined: “Where Colorado leads, the nation follows.”

What spurred such a statement?

The federal government is joining the effort to tackle climate change by cutting methane leaks just weeks after Colorado regulators approved a new set of rules on air quality aimed at curbing methane leaks and other pollution from the state’s booming oil and gas industry.

In particular, the White House plans to target methane pollution related to the production of natural gas, coal mining, livestock and landfills.

The Colorado action that was backed by Gov. Hickenlooper, four of the state’s biggest energy companies, and several environmental groups, established the first direct statewide control of methane emissions in the nation. Read more about it here.

This isn’t the only area where Colorado has been said to lead the nation. Check out these past blogs about solar power, natural gas, and Colorado businesses.

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