Where Fitness is King

Jul 6, 2015


In a new Wall Street Journal data analysis, Colorado came in second place for states where fitness is king. From skiing and snowboarding, to hiking and biking, or just playing around at the gym, this is what Colorado is all about and why so many flock here.

The Wall Street Journal used data from the country’s most popular workout-tracking app, MapMyFitness, to compile its analysis.

MapMyFitness, where users can log and track fitness using geo-mapping technology or by manually entering it, currently has 22 million users across the United States.

Coloradans who use the app log an average of 84.2 minutes of exercise per week, with 41 percent of users logging running as their primary fitness. Walking, at 34 percent, was the second-most logged activity, followed by cycling at 19 percent and “other” at 5 percent.

The top 10 states for exercise (and the average number of minutes per week people exercised) were:

  1. California: 87.4
  1. Colorado: 84.2
  1. Washington: 82.0
  1. Oregon: 9.5
  1. Arizona: 79.0
  1. Utah: 77.2
  1. Minnesota: 75.3
  1. Texas: 75.0
  1. New Mexico: 73.2
  1. Ohio: 72.1


The Wall Street Journal’s full analysis can be found here: http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-states-where-fitness-is-king-1432578241

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