Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather

Oct 20, 2013

At Alaris Properties, we know that you worked hard to get your new home. Owning a home is rewarding but also a huge task, so it’s important to make sure you take proper care of your home to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Fall is here which means that winter is right around the corner. Here are a few simple steps to help you start winterizing your home.

Check your furnace
Before it gets too cold, turn your furnace on to make sure everything is working properly. If you wait for the first frost and something is wrong, you’ll be stuck in a cold house for a day or two.

Clean your gutters
Once you feel like all of the leaves on surrounding trees have fallen, climb up a ladder and clean out your gutters. If you leave your gutters full, rain and snow can create ice dams and backed up water can seep into your house causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Prep for Winter

Install floodlights
The days are getting shorter and we all know how uncomfortable it is to have to run outside for something when it’s black out. Especially for our friends who live in the mountains, floodlights can scare away any wildlife that might go unseen in the dark.

Wrap your pipes
Burst pipes are a common and expensive household winter accident. Before the first frost, make sure to turn off the water to outside faucets and completely drain all the lines.

Check your windows
Fall is the time to take out your screens and put in your storm windows. If you don’t have storm windows and your windows leak, look into purchasing a window shrink film kit. These kits include sheets of plastic film that seal up drafty windows.

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