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Your Next Home Buyer May Be a Millennial

7 Preferences You Need to Know   Millennials (people between 18 and 36 years old) tend to get little respect as a home buying force. “Maybe they can afford a starter home someday – but not my house” is the going wisdom. This type ...

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Understanding Value

  Value of homes may be controlled by the market, but we understand how to value homes. In previous articles, we have talked about how to value your home, how to command the highest price for your home, for buyers how to present winning...

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Solar Energy: Facts Told and Lies Refuted

Talk of solar energy seems to be everywhere you turn these days, especially in our particularly sunny state. As it turns out, Colorado is one of the few states with ideal conditions for installing working solar panels. Despite suspicious co...

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Lies, Damn Lies and Zestimates

How to determine the value of your home... We have witnessed a trend of homeowners relying on Zillow to determine their home’s value. The problem with so-called “Zestimates” is that those estimates do not take into consideration the ...

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Selling Your Home: Staging 101

Once you make the decision to sell your home, you’ll likely be ready to find your next dream home as soon as possible. But first, there’s the work of preparing your former home for sale and finding a buyer. Staging your home will give you a...

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Tiny Home-Revolution-pros-cons

The Tiny Home Revolution: Pros and Cons

  By now, we all know the fad — with all the television shows on the airwaves, “tiny homes” are a household name, and lately, the popularity of these little abodes only seems to be growing. But is it just a trend, or an innova...

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Ultimate-Colorado Holiday Home-Vendor-Guide

The Ultimate Colorado Holiday Home Vendor Guide

  Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’... That’s right, the holiday season is officially here. With it comes the hustle and bustle of preparing, from getting the decorations up to buying presents and hosting holiday gatherings. ...

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